they’re ba-ack….

yep, the glorious summer weather we’ve had has turned back into the usual rain, clouds, wind etc…and with that sunny, warm weather the slugs and snails were conspicuously absent.

just 24 hours of light rain as signalled them to show their slimy little faces again~~~

siblings? obviously with a different father...

big daddy

for some reason they are attracted to this upright cement slab, there was 5 baby snails on here alone

now i’m not afraid of bugs or spiders or anything like that but seeing this at arm level on the door jam of the sliding door made me squeal~~

i definitely prefer snails over slugs!!!

free time?

well, it’s not really free…but i have a few days free of external commitments which means i can indulge my inner agoraphobic. i do have a seminar to prepare for next tuesday and a short, late shift on sunday but that seems trivial compared to yesterday’s 3.5 hour journey to newcastle for a 4 hour presentation and a 4-5 hour journey home.

why the longer return home you ask???? ah well, everything was rolling along on schedule until i got on the ol’ 45 bus…usually at 8.30-9pm it’s a pretty quiet ride but i guess summer weather brings out all the chavs at dusk…kind of like mosquitoes!

the driver, bless his little cotton socks (note to self: email the bus company to tell them he was very professional in the face of a chavalanche), had to stop the bus at least three times because the little twits wouldn’t pay their fare…and then a totally new bus experience. they started smoking and set off the alarm on the bus so we had to wait for the police to come. one policeman, albeit a very large, muscular one, showed up and then we all spent 20 minutes listening to the usual…i wun’t doin nuffin…i paid ma fare, i ain’t gittin off…we was jus avin funnnn…

ARRGGGHHH!!! you’ve heard of road rage…which i did suffer from as a driver…i think i will invent bus rage. that’s where the innocent victims of idiots on buses extract their revenge by intimidation and harrasment..

anyhoo, it’s pretty sunny and warm here, the garden is heavy and wet from recent rain. and you know who are back… for the first time i found one IN THE HOUSE!!! on my new oak floor nonetheless…

i have done a quick inspection of the plantation and they don’t seem to have done too much damage. the plant, red hot poker, they nibbled all the buds off last year is too big and tough for them this year but some slug pellets will be placed there just to be safe…

i officially have a veg patch…a very small, pathetic excuse for a veg patch that is…

it consists of exactly 3 cucumber and 2 cherry tomato plants. if there was a competition for the smallest veg garden i think i might win! they do look happy and the weather is pretty good do far…

just a note: england’s first game in the world cup on saturday is against the US.

England v USA: justice bus introduced for on the spot arrests at England opener

The specially-adapted vehicle contains an on-board police station and holding cells to allow suspected criminals to be arrested and imprisoned at the scene of their alleged offence.

Public safety spokesman Lesiba Kgwele confirmed the special coaches would start patrolling the mining town today (thurs) ahead of the arrival of up to 25,000 England fans for England’s first group stage clash against the USA on Saturday.

i don’t really care who wins but they certainly do!!!  i’ll play it safe and stick to lounging in the garden…although secretly i hope the US kicks their smug arses!!

a new strategy

i’ve started wistfully thinking about spring and the garden…which always ends with wondering what my current plans for controlling slugs and snails will be…then i saw this~~

at first i thought it was just  copper tape but


Snail Away

available: within 1 week    2 metres of tape £9.99 £1.99

At last, an effective and safe way to keep slugs and snails out of your containers. ‘Snail Away’ is a decorative, self adhesive tape which can be fitted in minutes. Powered by a small battery (9volt PP3 – not included) which you can expect to last a whole season, it works by giving an electric shock to any snail or slug trying to cross it. After a few tries they give up and go away – so there are no messy bodies to clear up!
2 metres of tape – is sufficient for a pot up to 60cms (24ins) diameter.

hee hee heee! sounds diabolical….

the question is why is it so cheap??? marked down to £1.99 from £9.99??? maybe it doesn’t work?? maybe instead of giving up and going away they just get out little rubber suits and trudge on??

 i have til sunday to think about that~~~~

sunny and mid 70’s

not here!!! that’s the forecast on wxrt, sunny and mid 70’s is the forecast in chicago…3000 miles away~~~

i haven’t complained about the weather in ages but this is just ridulous!!!


Light Rain

  • Light Rain                 
  • Wind: W 18mph 29kph
  • Temp: 12°C 54°F


Sunny Intervals

  • Sunny Intervals
  • Temp: 13°C 55°F
  • Wind: W 21mph


Sunny Intervals

  • Sunny Intervals
  • Temp: 16°C 61°F
  • Wind: W 21mph


Sunny Intervals
  • Sunny Intervals
  • Temp: 16°C 61°F
  • Wind: W 20mph

don’t be fooled by that sunny interval crap…20 seconds of what might be called a lack of rain or slightly lighter sky does not equal sunny…

i’m heading to leicester today for a meeting with an ethnographer, i think it will be interesting but i am wondering if i should bother washing my hair, which looks pretty “wind swept” on a good day…i think i will look a bit worse for wind and rain by the time i get there. here’s the rather optimistic weather forecast for the next four days

Friday day weather

Sunny Intervals

  • Sunny Intervals
  • Max: 18°C 64°F
  • Sunrise: 06:24

Saturday day weather

Sunny Intervals

  • Sunny Intervals
  • Max: 19°C 66°F
  • Sunrise: 06:26

Sunday day weather

Sunny Intervals

  • Sunny Intervals
  • Max: 19°C 66°F
  • Sunrise: 06:28

Monday day weather

Light Rain
  • Light Rain
  • Max: 22°C 72°F
  • Sunrise: 06:29

one last thing before i go out and tackle the wind and rain…can you add a caption to this photo????


i was thinking “slug love”

winning the war?

for those who think the slug/snail poison is an easy answer…check this out

baby snails frolicking on the slab

baby snails frolicking on the slab

see all the little baby snails?? just enjoying a summer day???

cute baby snail

cute baby snail

unfortunately they grow up into big snails who eat my plants…

i have to say thay i like snails more than slugs..they have the decency to hide their big, fat, slimy bodies in a lovely shell!

the slugs have a curiously human behavior…they seem to retrieve the body of their dead comrades…

the slug 999/911 call

the slug 999/911 call

that was before the blue poison pellet attack…by me! this is the aftermath….

too many bodies to retrieve

too many bodies to retrieve


the horror of war

the horror of war

i  feel kind of philosphical about it all….i feel like i am playing god….do these molluscums have families?? do their neighbors miss them???

it’s so creepy that they actually come and move the body away….i wonder if my plants are really so important…

uummmm, definitely!!!!

blue monday

i’m feeling a little down/bored/lost today. all the excitement of recent weeks has died down. i did set my start date for my new job….it’s 20th july!!! i contacted the university about the MSc degree, they are going to send me information about 3 different options.

the weather here is kind of iffy…it’s warm enough i guess…but after a sunny start it’s cloudy and that makes me sleepy. did you hear about the boys that stood under a tree sunday during a thunder (and lightening) storm???

yesterday i cut and trimmed the front garden, that’s where i discovered the snail damage….i’m disappointed that the  copper did not work


see the bud laying there???


 it bugs me that the stupid snails didn’t even eat the bud, they just eat through the stalk!!!! arrrrrgh!!! and while i was standing there taking this photo i thought why do i smell shit??? welllll, because i managed to step right on a pile of cat shit!! this calls for drastic measures…slug/snail poison pellet time!

i cleaned the house yesterday, since mr a moved in i have enjoyed…well, made an effort to keep things clean for us. it just feels better and i can blame my mom for making me feel that my happiness is dependent on whether i have dirty dishes in the sink! i have been puttering around james room, i hope to get it cleaned up and organized. it looks like i may need a designated work space for my new job, i have to confirm but i think alot of my work can/will be done at home online…

mr a worked extra all weekend so while i enjoy being on my own…this is a bit too much. i keep looking at all my glass sitting there collecting dust…i may try to get inspired.

it’s still early…