Goodbye Maximus and Niko…

Apparently, we name our snowstorms this year…like hurricanes. Rumor is that Orion is on its way with between 4 and 20 inches of snow. Yes, someone actually told me that someone heard somewhere that we could get 20 more inches  of snow early next week!!!

I’m pretty much losing my marbles, snow is piled up everywhere, the roads are down from two lanes to one, sidewalks are treacherous. There’s only one solution-a complete delusional trip to fool’s paradise…via youtube!!


Winter fun!

I have been teased for the last two winters I’ve been back in Chicago-they were very mild. now for the first time in over 10 years I am in the middle of a real Chicago winter. It’s been snowing and very cold on and off since before Christmas-so much for global warming….
Just thought some of my friends who are former Midwesterners and those who may be considering a move to the great Midwest would like to see some photos.





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There is easily a foot of snow on the ground and more coming down but I think it’s also important to remember what is good about rough weather…
It brings people together, all the people on my block will work together and by days end all the sidewalks will be shoveled…
It forces people to spend time together inside, in our little house we will be doing lots of cooking, football watching, yoga and crafts…being Sunday it puts a capitol R in Relaxation
The downside is that as it goes on and people have to get to work and get out for supplies or heaven forbid lose power…it can get annoying and/or dangerous.
So for today I will just enjoy it.
I already worked out on the treadmill in my little basement work out room, I started up Verde and gave him a little movement back and forth in the snow. I’ll be heading back to my stained glass table to continue sorting glass and then enjoy some nice warm hearty food later.
Tomorrow morning at 6 am will be a different story!!!

a pause in the action

Apologies to those that were wondering what happened here….it’s a combination of wanting to communicate/share and the inherent issues of internet visibility.
I’ve decided to plod on-
so what’s going on here?

scary weather!! cold, cold, COLD!!! and now more snow! we have about 6 inches already and I heard this afternoon there might be another 10 inches tonight/tomorrow!!
Today has been a window of opportunity with temps in the 20’s (F) and only snow flurries.
I took advantage by putting a few miles on Piccolo Verde…took him out on the expressway…love my new car!!

I worked on my resume using a template from Word 2010-it came out great! I like that I could just add links for the various hospitals I’ve worked at. I submitted it to the Vice President of my division and my medical director, both gave positive feedback. I am well aware that I will have to follow all the steps and jump through all the technical hoops but maybe I will eventually get to the proverbial big desk…?!

ah, the ring!!!! the ring is on it’s way back to New York to be exchanged for a bigger size. I thought it was funny (sweet) that the person I spoke to in NYC remembered my friend buying the ring, he is very…umm…friendly…outgoing…open!

I managed to complete my full month of personal training and I am hooked!! if the weather cooperates I have decided to continue with boot camp. I love my trainer, she is enthusiastic and does something different every time! I am going to set up a back up Pilates class after work once a week.

so, for all lurkers, stalkers and trollsthCL0L84ET

snow day

It’s something like a mental health day…in the winter. In my case, it is actually well deserved because through recent months I have cancelled vacations on two separate occasions due to work obligations.

I started a Master’s degree program in August and the last two weeks of the semester with lots of deadlines coincided inconveniently with the big once in three years hospital accreditation review-last week. Being down one staff (the cunt) and another keeping to her strict 8-4pm schedule left myself, the other productive staff member and my boss to cover all the early days and late afternoon meetings. We, 3, all worked from about 6.30am-5.30pm.

So even though my classes are finished and I was able to relax this weekend, when I woke up about 5 this morning and started thinking about getting ready for work I realized I hadn’t gone grocery shopping, my house is still a mess, it snowed yesterday and it is fucking cold out there….22F-feels like 9F!

Action taken? called in…not sick…just said I needed another day off to “catch up” after last week.

Plan? lay in bed til the caffeine kicks in, putter around and probably venture out this afternoon. Number #2 son is staying with me temporarily so maybe we will go out together…or not!!