Quiet week

We’ve settled into a steady routine. My brother is still in rehab-complaining that people stole the Thai food my daughter brought him. He complains about pain and constipation also.

But we are moving forward, he will venture out this weekend-Saturday or Sunday or both depending on the weather. I have opted to cook Easter dinner  for my family and grandson.

My brother sent me this early, 4.06am

Having a tracheostomy is a very embarrassing condition.  Except for wet leprosy it’s possibly the most disgusting affliction on earth.  On Sunday, what I’d like to do is to sit at the table while everyone is eating so I can participate in conversations, because if I try to talk and eat at the same time I’ll choke.  Then when everyone is finished I’d like to eat alone.  I can’t reasonably expect anyone to keep their appetite with me bubbling and gurgling at the table.

It’s not a problem and I’m not going to pressure him. It’s just a way for him to gently transition, adapt and be able to enjoy his life.

He wants to go to this exhibit


Which ends May 10 so we have a goal!

what a weekend

No doubt this has been a brutal winter!  Just hopping in the car was impossible without excessive planning


and layers..images

images (1)….layers of shirts, sweaters, coats, hats, scarf..don’t forget gloves…boots…earmuffs….

This last weekend has been fantabulous~~windows open, just jump in the car or head out for a walk, in a t-shirt~~that’s it!!

A brief thunderstorm this afternoon but lots of gardening. everything just feels better, lighter.

We are anxiously checking the plants we planted last fall…before the deep freeze. It’s sort of a waiting game to see what survived but enough is coming up to give us hope.

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This old shoe is hitting the bar

Tomorrow is my birthday-a pretty boring one- 56

Just one more step towards the next decade which is sounding distinctly old and filled with risk. As a nurse I see the worst cancers and chronic diseases in people from 50-70…if….IF….they get past 70 it seems to level off.

So far, so good for me. Slightly overweight and totally grey haired but active and not on any medications, normal blood pressure.

I couldn’t take off from work because everyone else is off but I am picking up my commuting lover from the airport like I do every Thursday night. The difference tonight is that instead of going to the airport in my pajamas and heading straight to bed, he is playing guitar at a bar and I will be joining him.

I think I deserve a drink tonight!! Happy 56th to me!!!

Who needs spring?

just an update on Project:Spring/color/hope

After enjoying a nice spring weekend in New York I was devastated to return to Chicago cruel joke of 20F temperatures. Retrieving my car after the airport was quite a cold slap in the face-it was encased in ice and snow. From what people tell me it snowed then got warmer and then the temp nosedived.

Anyway, I have spring in my kitchen and it is blooming deep purple tulips!!

Berwyn-20140313-00144 Berwyn-20140313-00145

Rough week

It’ s hard to believe that after weeks of regular posting this week just kicked my ass. Hard to believe my last post was Sunday and now today is….????…..Friday?

So the question is~~~what has occupied my time this week?

hhmmm…a tropical holiday? exploring cultural landmark’s? gut busting workouts? exhilarating hikes in the woods? socializing with friends?

Naaah, work, of course! work from my desk, presentations, rounds in the hospital, compiling reports!!

We remain short staffed so I am chained to my desk trying to keep up with regular day to day stuff but in addition there are “infection control emergencies”….like when I got called this week by CDPH~yes, that stands for Chicago Department of Public Health. Usually, that means a call from Bertha about an STD (sexually transmitted disease). For Bertha, syphilis is an emergency in a woman who’s just had a baby.

This time however I was called by Massimo about two of our patients with something like this. If you think MRSA is scary, you should read about CRE.

Another “emergency” happened today when I went to a meeting in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care). I was immediately greeted by the attending MD saying they tried to call me the day before (huh? I was at my desk) because a mom was very upset because her baby was screened for MRSA on admission (right after birth) as required by law and was positive. So we also screen the moms nose and this mom was negative. Now this is what makes my job interesting….where does a newborn-as in fresh out of the oven-get MRSA? Well, in the past we assumed it was from the mom’s vajaja. But remember, we swabbed her nose.

So this mom is ballistic saying “we” the hospital gave her baby MRSA and she is going to sue the hospital…

Pretend you are an Infection Control Practitioner-what would you tell this mom??? (answer to follow)

This week I also had my monthly CLABSI Prevention meeting. I was shocked that more than 20 people showed up including a few doctors! I led the meeting with support from my medical director. This all gives me a sense of being tested because the elephant in the room is that my application for my bosses job, Associate Director has been reviewed and forwarded to the selection team….

Next week after 2 major presentations, I am checking out for a brief New York holiday just to decompress in preparation for a round of interviews made even more stressful because I work with these people. I will actually be interviewed by my co-workers that I eat lunch with now….AWKWARD….

Saying allllll that, I have not worked out for almost 2 weeks and my leg is killing me…

Last, I have been enjoying and cultivating Project: spring/color/hope and here is an update-I predict an actual crocus flower by the end of the weekend!Berwyn-20140228-00127 Berwyn-20140228-00128