Oh Creativity, where have you gone?

First, I need to update my previous post-I wanted to see Trainspotting 2 but due to circumstances and $5 Tuesdays I saw the new people version of Beauty and the Beast. As an  8o’s mom I have seen the Disney animated version of this story at least 1,000,000 times but this is a slightly darker story and I really enjoyed it. Being the total romance skeptic that I am it was a little too sugary at the end but hey there must be someone out there that lives happily ever after?

I used to be a pretty creative person-creative and crafty and full of ideas. Lately I am just dry-black and white-parched. Not sure if it’s due to my situation, unstable living arrangements, break ups or just general malaise. I currently have a crochet project sitting untouched and a whole stained glass work shop set up but gathering dust.

I recently had a gush of awake-day dream-imaginative ideas about my garden. It felt good and something I used to feel quite often so just like a lusty libido-which also has left me-i know it’s still there buried under the weight of “life”.

I am pushing myself, browsing Pinterest for ideas and building on some success in the time management department. I learned that if you repeat something 16 times it becomes a habit. I’ve proved that to myself with my boot camp attendance, it took many attempts but I’m finally there. Maybe I can transfer this approach to my stained glass? If I make a commitment to go to the basement everyday after work and just “be there” after 16 times it will be a habit and something creative will come out of it? Kind of twist on fake it til you make it?

My daughter gave me a piece of glass that I made long ago and said it doesn’t have any hanging hardware so maybe that will be step one. Yes, that’s it. Step one— add hardware to hang a piece that is already complete. How hard can that be?

back in business

After almost 3 years, I finally have a place to do some stained glass. It’s just a hobby but it’s creative and keeps me out of trouble.
one of the things about stained glass is I really need a dedicated space because of the tiny pieces of glass, the soldering iron etc. I can’t do it sitting on the sofa watching tv or at the kitchen table…
so now I have a little corner of the basement with good lighting, a window and a big triple utility sink just steps away!



I feel an obsession for mosaics coming on…..it will be a little easier to do once my new semester of school starts up in January. I plan to do smaller, free form things for the garden.

One more step towards settling in/down(?)….whatever the opposite of packing/moving/unpacking is.

cooking quake

i think i am a pretty decent cook….i’ve had my major failures but i always think that if you’re hungry and someone puts some nice hot tasty food in front of you? it’s a good thing.

it all started at christmas when my cristmas cookies failed to live up to my expectations, then last week i tried a few recipes from my “great british cooking” cookbook….fail! i learned that i don’t have the oven temprature figured out, i don’t have cream or potatoes sorted out and the size of your pan does matter!

now, i’m afraid to try anything other than cheese on toast or my gourmet bacon and eggs that we had tonight…

i’ve turned my creative energy towards trying to think up a stained glass project~~as i pulled out a stained glass book~~ an old, reliable, never fail recipe for carrot cake fell out…. carrots? i can do that…brown sugar, flour, eggs etc…no prob…and i actually still have the pan i used for  this very same recipe in the states…if i can just get the temp of the oven right…

still working on a stained glass project…..any suggestions???

stage 1

here’s the before pics of the living room…some people seem to think this was an intentional design idea…



here’s the nice white walls awaiting  a wee bit more hole filling and finally the pale green treatment…




finally my first stained glass creation….still looks pretty!


i am working tomorrow and have a really busy week coming up but it’s really nice to see progress!!

i’m having a great day!!

besides this lovely cold weather and the stunning sunshine all day…i had a really good day at work yesterday. another very sick patient and if i do say so myself i was a very good nurse. i worked with one of the very nice, easy going consultants who was giving me a verbal list of things to do and then he just cut it short and said~~oh, you know all this already, tracy~~i don’t wear my name badge anymore (long story) so i was surprised he remembered my name….he was on when i took care of friday night’s sick man (who is still hanging in there).

sad to say, the 42 year old woman who came in saturday morning died on sunday~~cancer and chemotherapy is some scary stuff. really scary….

after days like that i can really appreciate  days like today.

i got sainbury’s delivered which is always nice…having a cupboard, fridge and freezer full of goodies. i have decided to give up coffee temporarily. anyone remember when sainbury’s delivered two bags of groceries that didn’t belong to me??? well, one of the things in those bags was a lovely box of yorkshire gold teabags

so, when i ran out of coffee on sunday i figured i would go back to drinking tea.  sometimes change is good.

i have been working on a simple stained glass panel for my friend maria, overall the finished effect is really nice, beautiful even! but this little piece has caused me a good deal of grief. mostly by me being absent minded, impatient and inattentive to detail…i cut some of the glass backwards, then it didn’t fit in the frame i had for it which required some dismantling and repairing and after all that it has a crack in one corner!!!!  i hope they won’t have too much trouble taking it back to arizona.

and last but far from least~~~ my mom sent me a package, a christmas package. three books, two new and one is an old cookbook of hers…it’s a meat cookbook with some pretty scary recipes!!! it has a chapter titled franks as in frankfurters!!!newspaper-005and how un veggie can it get???newspaper-006

it’s copyrighted in 1960, so it’s interesting to see what the average middle class american family was doing on a sunday afternoon…newspaper-007love those fashions!! there were  some newspaper clippings from the 70’s tucked in there…newspaper

they sell a little can of crisco shortening at selfridges for about £6…and that says a 3lb can for $1.59!!!



it seems weird to see a coupon…don’t use them much here….let alone a coupon for 12 cents!!!!

sorry if i got carried away on this…just so much ineresting stuff to choose from…. from christmas 1977~~~31 years ago~~~from the chicago sun-times




what’s in a name??

i received a flyer advertizing calling cards…dirt cheap…and they offer a free logo design service…so i am thinking of having some made up for my imaginary stained glass business. problem is i don’t know what to call it???

tracya’s stained glass? i think not…

so i need some suggestions and ideas….

the only thing that has stuck is

breaking glass

anyone heard the song? (i love the sound of) breaking glass by my boy nick lowe?

can’t think of anything else….i may creative with glass but i need my friendly word wizards help on this one…there may be a prize involved if you are not already on my christmas list!!!!