gardening tips

some people think I have a green thumb…or rather that they don’t so here’s my gardening tips.

  1. Put the plant near a window, preferably a sunny one
  2. Every few days stick your finger in the dirt, if it’s dry add some water
  3. If the leaves start turning yellow move it to a sunnier window
  4. If new leaves start growing leave it where it is but remember to rotate the pot so it grows evenly


melons in the sun


Now that is a nice melon…ought to be….I got it at whole foods and it probably cost me 10 bucks! I usually cut my melons in quarters but this one is so big I just cut a slice, soft, sweet and juicy… soothing on my still sore throat especially with 6 more inches of snow and temps way below zero outside…(-20F !!)

Another day under the duvet, coughing is decreased but sneezing is on the rise….

thinking about gearing up to start planning to go back to work

it’s officially the beginning of my last week of vacation. i am enjoying this life of leisure…a little too much.

i handed in my paper on time and now have to sit on my hands waiting for the grade for at least 5 weeks, in the mean time i will be rewriting another paper-most of which i plan to do sitting outside in the sun with a cold drink…i wonder if that will have any influence on the finished product~~perhaps analogies of critical care nurses and butterflies on flowers and frogs hopping by? 

i have had a few~~~ 3 to be exact, work related emails and i will start working on my presentation for barcelona….

my current plan is to head out from the city to the country, well at least the far west suburbs, early tomorrow morning. that will be equally relaxing and enjoyable as being here-minus- evening walks to the store. 

i have yet to visit the world’s largest charity shop and my mom’s local chinese…and i should have a grandpa made custom bird house waiting for me…

the suitcase…i came with only a backpack but i have successfully filled an entire large suitcase to take back….i don’t think there was any doubt that i could fill a whole suitcase with goodies-it’s kind of like gaining 10 lbs or falling off a log…the only problem is organising it so nothing gets broken and not going over the weight limit.

that’s for next week though~~~ i’m still in R&R mode…… that’s rest and relaxation…..ahhhhh…..

this is hard work

all this sun, food, friends, food, sun, family, food, sun, food….

today i met up with my very old friend sally. we went to high school together…that would be around 1972-1976 ish…we haven’t seen each other since at least 1979!! she found me on facebook about six months ago and after the few hours we spent today talking and taking a quick drive through the old neighborhood, it was like all those years disappeared.

tonight i feel like a special piece of the jigsaw puzzle of my life has been dug out from the the sofa cushion…sally knows lots of things about me that know one else does and that i might not want anyone else to know.

we swapped lots of crappy, shitty, evil ex-husband stories- i remember hers, she never met mine-the one thing we both agreed on was that it’s a shame we lost touch, we could have helped each other alot when our kids were little…

we have pool party planned for next week!!

sorry, i can’t post any pictures- i am taking them though, and videos too!!

two days off… can i have two weeks?

i had plans to do lots of gardening this weekend but the hot sun made me think twice. my mom wanted to see my bark success so this is one of the things i did accomplish!

i know not very spectacular but i think it makes the flower bed look much neater and it should keep the weeds down….

i have another busy week…no traveling except to a safety congress which is very conveniently being held in birmingham! i have finally been given a survey to analyze…i am doing the first one and then there’s only 2 or 3 hundred more! as far as i know they will all have to be done individually and could have been started months ago…not good project management!

speaking of the project manager….she is off on holiday…in california! left it for the rest of us to sort out stuff for this congress…

nothing comes between a publically funded project manager and her holidays!

anyway, off for a meeting with my boss this morning and then a cervical screen (pap smear) this afternoon…

sometimes you just have to take a chance

i’m still feeling pretty crappy, mr a very kindly finished painting the living room. it looks lovely!! we have been seriously looking at wood/laminate flooors. we stopped at this shop united_carpets

today i went back with actual dimensions, to get prices…what i didn’t realize was that what we looked at yesterday was real hardwood floors! the prices were between £30-80 per sq metre!! my tiny little living room is 13 sq metres…you do the math~~~

they have some nice laminate and “engineered” (wood veneer) floors for £15-25…it’s tough~~~ on one hand, i think that’s just 2 or 3 extra shifts but on the other hand we have soooooo many other things to do, like rewiring the electrics and um…the whole kitchen!

on my way back from northfield, one of my plans was to go to to kings norton and buy myself a little treat for my garden…HA!! got lost…walked and walked and wasn’t even close to a bus stop. here in england they have all these little paths and paved shortcuts. you just have to kind of take a chnace and hope you come out at a place you recognize.

i did….eventually….after taking a lovely, afternoon sun stroll past a cemetary. here’s a few pics…i have no photographic aspirations just documenting…




i have no clue what this means but it led to a path over the train tracks and eventually i did get back to familiar territory