Making progress in the Avocado department

Last week I posted about my luck at opening a big ripe California avocado and finding a pit that had started to sprout. I put it in water and hoped that transition wouldn’t stop the growth.

Today I was encouraged seeing new growth.


Note the small new white roots on the bottom and the sprout coming out of the top!!

Looks like I will have a new avocado plant in 2017!!

At the cinema with the Inner Fire #1

As you may or may not have noticed-I made a news years non-resolution to see a movie and to clarify this excludes netflix, you tube or an airplane. I resolved to go to a real life moving picture house, buy a ticket and plop myself in one of those comfy seats…popcorn optional.

My first choice, not my choice really but my daughter wanted to see LaLa Land. Predictable, yes but we have been working on the logistics for a few weeks and it only happened on the day of coincidentally, hours before the Golden Globe awards at which it pretty much swiped all the categories across the board.

Saying all that, I’m not sure that I would say it was the greatest movie ever but I did enjoy it. The adjectives I’d use are: unique, quirky, good special effects and cinematographic techniques, bright, mostly positive, great dancing numbers. I’d rate it 8/10, 4 out 5 thumbs up, definitely recommend…to most people.

The whole experience was relatively pain free considering we went at 10:45am on a Sunday. Tickets were $6 each which I tend to feel enhances the experience because I don’t feel totally ripped off if its not that good.

I feel pretty chuffed with myself for actually accomplishing 1/12 of my goal. Last year I planned to make all three sessions of bootcamp and failed miserably…

On to February!!

Feeling empty

After struggling with another demand-this time for more water pressure and being berated for my parenting skills from someone who daughters refuse contact with him…

I am feeling numb-like nothing bothers me any more. I don’t even feel the need to say it~it’s obvious~I just am not bothered.

Even my BF could’t get me a rise out of me and he is a champion chain puller.

I was telling a nurse at work about some of my trials and tribulations about life on “the other side”…being a caregiver not the nurse. She said she experienced the same thing with wives of men who had just had cardiac surgery. She told the wives that the men were rude, inpatient and demanding of the wives because they trusted them. They were sweet as pie to the nurses because they depended on them for ice chips and pain medicine. I have to agree and say I like being the nurse more than the caregiver.

My brother said he wanted to see a Van Gogh exhibit at the Art Institute so I got a membership so he could go a few times. Today the card came in the mail and I said let’s go Sunday.

He says “Why Sunday?”

I said well, Saturday or Sunday whatever you want…to which he replies but “Why this Sunday?”

I said well, the Van Gogh exhibit ends May 11 so just keep that in mind, doesn’t have to be this weekend which he replies “Then we need to go sooner rather than later”

Okaaaaay, so I guess we are going this Sunday

That’s my life in a nutshell~~Happy Friday!

New week

I had a quiet weekend and didn’t accomplish much of anything which always haunts me on Monday. I sat on the toilet at one point contemplating the phrase “wasting time”. I feel like that’s exactly what I did. I wasn’t sick, the sun was out, I could have done lots of things-in fact I ran through a list of things I could do…

  • drive to the lake
  • go to the zoo
  • go to a nice outdoor shopping center I used to enjoy
  • visit my cousin

but instead I drove aimlessly through the village I grew up in. I stopped at the park near the river with the sledding hill. I walked and thought and felt. I reflected on how far I have come since I sledded down that hill, since I watched my kids sled down that hill as well.

As I got back to my new car on  a blindingly sunny winter day, with a tear in my eye-I thought- I have traveled the world, some 15+ countries and most of the USA, but I always want to be that little girl sledding down that hill.


Winter fun!

I have been teased for the last two winters I’ve been back in Chicago-they were very mild. now for the first time in over 10 years I am in the middle of a real Chicago winter. It’s been snowing and very cold on and off since before Christmas-so much for global warming….
Just thought some of my friends who are former Midwesterners and those who may be considering a move to the great Midwest would like to see some photos.





all clabsi.spv

There is easily a foot of snow on the ground and more coming down but I think it’s also important to remember what is good about rough weather…
It brings people together, all the people on my block will work together and by days end all the sidewalks will be shoveled…
It forces people to spend time together inside, in our little house we will be doing lots of cooking, football watching, yoga and crafts…being Sunday it puts a capitol R in Relaxation
The downside is that as it goes on and people have to get to work and get out for supplies or heaven forbid lose power…it can get annoying and/or dangerous.
So for today I will just enjoy it.
I already worked out on the treadmill in my little basement work out room, I started up Verde and gave him a little movement back and forth in the snow. I’ll be heading back to my stained glass table to continue sorting glass and then enjoy some nice warm hearty food later.
Tomorrow morning at 6 am will be a different story!!!

do i have to?

go back to work…

i’ve really enjoyed having a few days off getting to know my neighborhood and rebonding with cleo-who is as i type sitting here with me.

current frustrations are:

  • lack of quarters (to do my laundry)
  • lack of sound on the laptop
  • lack of video on the ipad
  • lack of son’s participation in 21st birthday plans

relatively small potatoes.

current appreciations:

  • having a great, diversified, lots of room for advancement job
  • living close to aforementioned job
  • a continuing mutually affectionate relationship
  • getting closer to having my life back in one place

relatively transformational potatoes

one last sunday evening comment; i don’t spend much time looking back~things that have brought me pleasure and happiness, i carry forward with me. i leave the bad stuff behind~what’s the point of beating myself up over my mistakes?

i haven’t looked back much over the contents of this blog~it is what it was at the time. one thing about honesty is that can’t be rewritten.

i’ll add or delete some of the pages but the rest will remain as is.