Garden fix

Let’s face it-for those of us that love gardening and cultivating indoor plants~~February can be a real challenge. After the holidays, as the days start getting longer one minute at a time one naturally starts mentally planning for spring.

Last weekend here in Chicago it was a real double feature-3 day weekend AND record breaking warm temperature! My daffodils and tulips are about 3 inches above ground right now.

Then temps dropped into the 30’s and I woke up to snow flurries yesterday. I usually visit a local conservatory each weekend with my grandson but I pulled out the big guns today and visited the Orchid show at the Botanic Garden.

I think this should get me through the next week or two

Trying to get by

I haven’t exactly forgiven my brother for his selfish and cruel behavior yesterday but I am trying to move on. I am in a constant torment about what I should be doing vs what I want to be doing.

For instance, tonight I would love to be relaxing with my boyfriend on the sofa but instead I have to be home checking in on my gaggle of men-my brother and my two sons. I am surrounded by some of the most selfish men in the whole world.

At this point my youngest son is actually the only one who is concerned about my mental health…besides my daughter.

Today I contacted a counselor. I decided I really need help. My problem is being a perpetual people pleaser which seems kind of oxymoron since I am so grouchy and negative.