job interviews come in threes

in addition to being recruited for oxford and guernsey…… and having submitted 3 more applications…last night at work i saw the the same professor i almost got a job with before has another research position!!!

am i a glutton for punishment?? am i strong enough to play the groveling/interview/begging/presentation/waiting game???

dunno…. but 4 years in one position spells R-U-T…and in my case… surrounded by a hierarchy of egotistical, class conscious xenophobes…it spells something a bit worse.

why all these opportunities now???? don’t have a clue…

even the woman from the agency that i flicked off has emailed me wanting to know if she can work on a temp position for me. it all makes me wonder and i commented to someone that maybe it’s a case that acting  uninterested and casual works like reverse psychology??

so, the trip to guernsey is on hold until i see which of the big three i get interviews for and i will have to get the details for the research position and will probably suck it up and apply for that also.

cause what do they say about failure???

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent in doing nothing.

george benard shaw

Failure is instructive. The person who really thinks learns quite as much from his failures as from his successes.

john dewey

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

thomas alva edison


i went back to work for two night shifts, not feeling great still but i did survive. my ear is really stuffy, like when you’re on a plane and i can’t seem to clear it…i guess it could be worse.

one of the nurses i work with who was sick last month, apparently had a relapse. she worked an extra shift and then called in sick on her regular shift…something which did not go unnoticed by our eagle eyed manager.

i’ve heard the details from a few different people that the manager asked her if she could “do something” as in to feel better fast because they were shortstaffed.  the nurse was really upset that the manager implied that she was malingering or manipulating the system.

she came in on her next regular shift and became so ill they had to put her on a monitor because she was having chest pain, they called an ambulance and sent her (the hardworking nurse) to the A&E/ER!!! she was admitted with pneumonia…

do you think the manager will apologize for her rude and callous comment?? HA!

the nice weather has taken a holiday…

i thought i’d made some progress with my complaint to british gas, after having a rather frustrating conversation with the rudest, least knowledgeable customer service rep, an engineer came out monday and agreed that the bypass valve did need to be installed “per manufacturer’s specification”~~~ the whole time denying that the lack thereof had damaged my circulating pump….he said he’d get back to me about when the work would be done….no word since…more phone calls…

i am still struggling to extract  some kind of decision from the teaching program…i got this email monday…

Dear Tracy

Just a bit of good news… you have passed both the English and Maths University Assessment tests and as soon as I am able to advise re result of your interview.. I will do so asap.

Could I check have you paid for the tests?  They are £15 each and a cheque should be sent into me please, made payable to Canterbury Christ Church University.


i have to laugh when she says i passed the assessment tests, nearly a month later!!!! i was so annoyed with the lack of organization that i could not have done a worse job if i tried…i am wondering if it’s just a polite way of asking for the fee, which they forgot to collect on the day…i want to write back and say…. when you give me an answer i’ll send in the fee!!!

big, fat, lazy cleo is being bullyed in her own garden by a skinny little black cat….

when i wake up fully…. later today i may have more to say…

nothing happened

well, at least nothing that i was expecting to happen. despite preparing and practicing my presentation i cancelled my interview for this afternoon…i was feeling a bit worse and just couldn’t drag myself to an interview that deep down i felt i had only a minimal chance of getting and even if i did, i would struggle financially. it was my ideal white picket fence job…but i don’t see white picket fences  in my future.

no news from the teacher program despite being reassured that i would hear something….blah, blah….blah!

what did i do today?? not a whole lot….like i said i’m still not up to par.  i did putter around the garden and even to my amazement now….i mowed the back garden!!! i distinctly remember last fall missing a final opportunity to mow it before the rains set in…but it is in virtually in the same state. it is so bumpy and uneven, it’s kind of a joke to call it a lawn but after 4 years the garden  is coming around.

i went up to the shop and the nice lady at  the till was sounding sniffly….i said you sound like me…she said she just finished her antibiotics and didn’t feel much better…i said i feel the same~~until tonight!

i am feeling much better, my head is not so bunged up and i’ve had two good nights sleep.

i wonder if anyone is wondering how long it’s been since i complained about the weather~~~i can’t remember the last time!

the weather, even the cold weather has been great!!

looks like everything happens tomorrow

i have become so disappointed in the teacher program, i emailed them monday…saying as politely as i could

hey, i have a life here!!! you told me 12th march and i haven’t heard jack!!!

today, i got the inevitable apology saying she is sooooo sorry but blah de blah and i should know later today….or tomorrow…GAWD!!!

and the interview for the lovely little critical care outreach position~~ almost within walking distance had been put on the back burner while i fought for my life (slight exaggeration)  over the weekend.  today, the deadline for emailing my presentation, i read through the job description and decided to give it a go…

hammered out a powerpoint presentation and a supporting essay and sent it off.  i’ve even asked for feedback from my british “mentor”. she said it seems okay…. so it’s just a little reviweing and practicing and the interview is tommorrow afternoon.

if nothing else i should get an award for applying for the most jobs and never getting one~~~

seeing that runner reminded me that when i used to struggle with the ILR wait and other “issues” i had at work, i tried to explain to my counselor that it felt like i was running a 26 mile marathon. for a long time i just ran along, enjoying the challenge because i’d signed up for this, right?

then in 2006 when they did the 4 years to 5 years thing…effectively making it a 32 mile marathon…tacking on another year and what felt like 8 more miles. some people said, that’s not so bad, it’ll pass quickly…

and the price went up from £300 to £750…felt like a few hills had been added to my marathon…

but they did build in a rest station around 30 miles and that’s where i am now. i may never complete the race, get my british citizenship…but i am proud of what i have accomplished…on my own!!!

no good news day

on the way home from town yesterday…after having a really good lunch with the gang to celebrate maria getting her british citizenship…my throat started getting tingly…started feeling achy. today i haven’t been good for much of anything. when i opened my eyes this morning, i had big ambitions to give the house a good scrub but unless this 3rd cup of coffee and 400mg of ibuprofen kick in, i will probably remain in a vegetative state. calling in sick for work tomorrow is looking like a distinct possibility, which messes up my plan to call in at the end of the month….

it hasn’t gone unnoticed that today is 12 march…you know, the day i have been promised “feedback” about the teacher’s course. i know it’s still early but the postman has come and gone and if they are planning to send an email that contradicts the information that i got at the interview that i would be notified “by post”. losing hope every minute~~~

i have lots of other pesky little things troubling me…when i used to watch absolutely fabulous back in the states…6-7 years ago i used to think this was soooo funny….i don’t anymore…

one last little gripe…james’ dad, my ex…a perpetual source of irritation for me…sends james letters and cards on an irregluar basis…when i see them laying there under the post box i feel like he does it just to annoy me..the way he draws all over the envelope. 30 years ago i might have thought it was cute but now it just looks childish…


and when this came yesterday i was really annoyed…who has ever called me “mother”???


i have a few more choice words about that one but i don’t want to upset my sons….i know i am being petty and i should be over it by now but it just makes me wonder~~ why today??

on the good side, james has gone to school and i have wxrt on (louder than he likes), rose says i should be getting a package today or tomorrow and i have cleo to keep me company~~~

tired of waiting

hopefully this week i will hear about the teaching program…the thing that bothers me about waiting is that it diminishes the joy of success. it seems like only 3 months and some days ago that  i was waiting impatiently…it really does wear me out. this is only a few more days and i’ve actually written down a plan for what i will do either way…

Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you. {carl sandburg}

i’ve been a little mindful of a rather important event looming…james 18th birthday. it coincides by weeks with his finishing secondary school and very soon after that returning to the states….leaving me officially with an empty nest.

i suppose i will cope but i had been trying to find something to mark this special event. he has declined my offers of a meal and a drink (he’ll be able to drink here) or a little party here with some of his friends. this weekend he perked up a little when i suggested a weekend trip…dublin was the first destination but he has now decided he would like to go to amsterdam! i told him he needs to find a friend for that…it’s not the kind of place you go with your mom!

through the past 6 years he really has sacrificed alot, his friends back home, his “high school” years…no prom, no homecoming, no driver’s ed.  i will be looking into a weekend for two 18 year olds in amsterdam…

anyone who has been to my house has probably wondered what the heck this is on my kitchen window sill




okay, what i have here is two avocado pits, soaking away…the one on the left is a rather fat, healthy looking one in a little jar and the other is a slightly slimmer version in a fancy liqueur glass…

i have grown avocado pits lots of time before…i always used the toothpick technique. i use three toothpicks to suspend the pit halfway into the water…this time either due to laziness or forgetfulness i just let them soak….

for months, literally…i know these have been sitting there since long before christmas. i have before been teased for thinking they would sprout after months of sitting there doing…nada. sometimes they do and sometimes i get get sick of looking at them and out they go…

if i was a betting person i was expecting the big fat one to sprout first, but alas


it’s the skinny one that is cracking first. maybe it’s because it’s in the posh glass…anyway here’s one of my other avocado plants


i have grown two others to 6 feet tall, i hope i can stay and grow this one too…