a little battered

not dipped in a floury batter-more like being knocked around in the back of a pick up truck on a bumpy road.
and the source of my battering? work and weather
worked a handful of extra hours and skipped too many lunches. Today I treated myself to ordering Thai and eating at my desk…
the weather??? After Monday’s record breaking cold
“Monday is coldest Jan. 6 ever recorded in Chicago”

Now on Friday it is pissing down rain!!!

I have owned my new car for 10 days now and have not had one sunny, dry day to really enjoy driving him!

I don’t want to be a weather whiner so good things? mmm, something good must have happened this week…

I worked out twice, two days in a row-on my own!

We are kicking off a hand hygiene campaign at work next week-our very ambitious raffle prizes were approved!

My house remains at highly clean level thanks to my son!

This is the intellectual level I intend to maintain for the next two days

a pause in the action

Apologies to those that were wondering what happened here….it’s a combination of wanting to communicate/share and the inherent issues of internet visibility.
I’ve decided to plod on-
so what’s going on here?

scary weather!! cold, cold, COLD!!! and now more snow! we have about 6 inches already and I heard this afternoon there might be another 10 inches tonight/tomorrow!!
Today has been a window of opportunity with temps in the 20’s (F) and only snow flurries.
I took advantage by putting a few miles on Piccolo Verde…took him out on the expressway…love my new car!!

I worked on my resume using a template from Word 2010-it came out great! I like that I could just add links for the various hospitals I’ve worked at. I submitted it to the Vice President of my division and my medical director, both gave positive feedback. I am well aware that I will have to follow all the steps and jump through all the technical hoops but maybe I will eventually get to the proverbial big desk…?!

ah, the ring!!!! the ring is on it’s way back to New York to be exchanged for a bigger size. I thought it was funny (sweet) that the person I spoke to in NYC remembered my friend buying the ring, he is very…umm…friendly…outgoing…open!

I managed to complete my full month of personal training and I am hooked!! if the weather cooperates I have decided to continue with boot camp. I love my trainer, she is enthusiastic and does something different every time! I am going to set up a back up Pilates class after work once a week.

so, for all lurkers, stalkers and trollsthCL0L84ET

let’s compare the weather

in exactly two weeks i’ll be on a plane to chicago. honestly i am too busy to build up any anxiety about flying but i am taking some small steps towards preparation….. like making a mental list of what to bring in my backpack.

the obvious items are clothes~~that seems like a no brainer until i think about where i am and where i am going…despite having a great month or two of “summer” weather here it’s all gone now…let’s compare

  Birmingham, United Kingdom * Partly Cloudy

      71° / 53°


            68° / 55° 

                              64° / 55°


 Chicago * Fair  

 82° / 66°


                    89° / 73

oh dear….from the 50’s-60’s to mid-high 80’s??? okay so i have a few summer tops and one pair of shorts…but 80-90 F? everyday? now that is scary!!! i think baked brummie is gonna be on the menu~~~~

just having a look through some of the things i can do while i am there…

tall ships!!

i’ve just started to scratch the surface of what i will be trying to do…it’s going to be great!!

a grand day out!

on tuesday i headed out for a work related meeting, with a ticket in my hand but unsure exactly where i was going. i was told it was in surrey but that’s like saying it’s in the smoky mountains to a brit…you know, somewhere between ohio and texas?

due to laziness an oversight on the part of the team PA instead of arriving at my destination at 6pm-i left birmingham at 6pm!! lucky for her it is not the middle of winter and pouring rain!!! 3 hours and 3 trains later passing through towns such as bagshot, martins heron and winnerish…and winnerish triangle!!! i arrived in frimley…

the first stop out of birmingham was reading…pronounced redding. not sure it is famous for anything other than being a barely commutable area outside of london and a music festival. as you can see train stations are my life….

the highlight of the trip, besides the stunningly, warm, summer weather was the middle stop….ascot, home of the famous horse race made familiar to all us yanks (of a certain age) in the movie “my fair lady”

and yes, apparently they do wear wacky hats on ladies day…

since i won’t be slipping into an outfit like that and joining the festivities any time soon…i can say i have been this close… 

 as i was walking down this path to take a photo, in the 15 minutes between trains, at nearly 9pm…there was some fantastic blues music blasting from a small club just to the right…in my younger days, i might have chucked the whole trip and just hung out.

sadly, i resisted the urge and gathered my adult maturity*deep breath* didn’t venture too far so as not to risk missing my train and i only stood outside the club listening to the music*deep sigh*………….. although that may be a post for another day~

i did find this sign quite humorous~~

is south ascot like the southside of chicago or south central LA????

cloudy, chance of light rain, episodes of heavy rain and possible sunny spells

first news story:

Britons spend six months of their lives discussing weather

Famously weather-obsessed British people spend on average six months of their lives talking about whether it’s going to rain or shine, according to a survey published Friday.

Speculation about whether it’s going to be wet, complaints about the cold and exclamations about the heat are also the first points of conversation with strangers or business acquaintances for 58 percent of Britons, it said.

The study of 2,018 adults by pollsters ICM found Britons talk about the weather for about 49 hours every year and the subject comes up more often than work, TV, sport or gossip.

Nineteen percent of over 65s questioned also believe they can predict the weather as well as a professional weatherman.

The most usual explanation for the fascination with weather is that it is so changeable here — although this does not explain why other meteorogically-challenged countries are not similarly interested.

Whatever the reason, “these findings prove that we really are a nation obsessed by our climate,” said Paul Llewellyn of Lloyds TSB Insurance, which commissioned the poll.

i’ve only been here for 7 years and i’m sure i have spent at least 2 years discussing the weather!