a little battered

not dipped in a floury batter-more like being knocked around in the back of a pick up truck on a bumpy road.
and the source of my battering? work and weather
worked a handful of extra hours and skipped too many lunches. Today I treated myself to ordering Thai and eating at my desk…
the weather??? After Monday’s record breaking cold
“Monday is coldest Jan. 6 ever recorded in Chicago”

Now on Friday it is pissing down rain!!!

I have owned my new car for 10 days now and have not had one sunny, dry day to really enjoy driving him!

I don’t want to be a weather whiner so good things? mmm, something good must have happened this week…

I worked out twice, two days in a row-on my own!

We are kicking off a hand hygiene campaign at work next week-our very ambitious raffle prizes were approved!

My house remains at highly clean level thanks to my son!

This is the intellectual level I intend to maintain for the next two days

the changing landscape

okay, so i didn’t stay in my jammies all weekend…i met julie in town yesterday and went to the international food fair…we both had a bratwurst, yummmmmmmie!

mr a and i met up at wickes to look at kitchen stuff, we actually have a quote to get the kitchen done and now are in the final stages of picking counter-tops and sinks/faucets etc. good stuff!

mr a bought a saw…remember this monstrosity??

well, it now looks like this….

it took about 30 minutes of cutting to produce this pile of dangerous, thorn laden branches….

and most of today to painstakingly slowly cut it all up, de thorn as much as possible and carefully put it into about 10 (so far) green bags!!!

i’m glad we did though because it lets in much more sun for my little veg patch!

i’m off to london tomorrow…there’s an annoying story about that but as i have decided to at least do nothing work related this weekend, i can’t talk about it because it will just make my blood boil!!

i’m going to frimley in surrey tuesday night…i have no idea what is there…but i do know it takes me three hours and three trains to get there and it’s only just west of london?? WTF?

a whole lotta nuthin’

that’s what i’m doing this weekend!! i have had a few long, hard, stressful weeks but i am going to cancel my shift on sunday and sit back and play stupid mindless facebook games in between naps and generally lazing around…i may even stick to a whole weekend of shorts, pajamas and t shirts!

i haven’t even checked the weather and am kind of hoping it stays just as it is….cool and drizzly~~i don’t want to be tempted to do something strenuous like mow the lawn…

ready? set?? gooooo!!! *flopping in a big comfy chair and putting my feet up* which one do you want?

sunny leeds and a deli to die for

i went to leeds for the ICS (intensive care society) spring meeting. it was interesting, lots of stuff that made sense to me and little or no marketing jargon or communications spin. i was a little annoyed that one of the talks was about bariatric (obese) patients in ICU…he had quite a few jokes and slides making fun of fat americans…

i liked leeds alot, i stayed at the city inn..a very comtemporary hotel, very white and sleek. my room looked out over the train station…literally.

it wasn’t noisy at all and i really enjoyed sitting by the window most of the evening with my feet up watching the trains come and go while watching telly on the apple mac screen. i couldn’t be bothered playing around on the mac computer but it was a nice touch.

my dad used to travel alot for his job and now i am seeing things from a different perspective because i know mr a would have really enjoyed the hotel room and watching the trains…more than me

the meeting itself was held at the royal armouries. the food wasn’t very good but i did have a wander round the museum for my last hour, it was nice if you like that sort of thing but the best part was this display they have going up the inside of a big column…

i snapped that last photo as i was trying to be inconspicuous on the platform waiting for the train back to birmingham. i would like to go back there because they have a nice walk from the hotel to the armouries along the river through brewers wharf and granary wharf which is where i stumbled on this little gem of a deli.

Tried and tested classics from £2.65

Matured cheddar with green tomato and roasted red pepper chutney £2.85
Yorkshire outdoor reared dry-cured ham and Colman’s traditional strong English mustard £2.85
Yorkshire grain fed free range roast chicken salad and vine tomatoes £2.95
Classic locally produced free range egg mayonnaise and watercress £2.65
Classic (Dolphin Friendly) Tuna Mayonnaise and Cucumber £2.75

Our special sandwiches from £3.25

Matured cheddar with Yorkshire outdoor reared dry-cured ham and Dijon mustard £3.25
Traditional Wensleydale from the Hawes creamery with Plum Chutney and watercress £3.25
Yorkshire outdoor reared Pork and Leek Sausage, balsamic caramelised red onion and chilli jam £3.25
Salt’s homemade hummus with lemon and coriander with balsamic caramelised onion and roasted peppers £3.25
Yorkshire grain fed free range roast chicken, avocado, smoked pancetta and caesar dressing £3.55
Yorkshire grain fed free range roast chicken with Salt’s homemade basil pesto, sun-dried tomoatoes, mozzarella and rocket £3.55
Goat’s cheese log, balsamic caramelised red onion, roasted peppers, roasted pine nuts and rocket £3.55
Chorizo Iberico, Brie de Meaux, spiced pear chutney and watercress £3.85
Aragón Jamón Serrano Gran Reserva with EV Olive Oil, vine tomatoes and rocket

i had the yorkshire ham and strong english mustard and it was delicious!!!! i could easily start at the top and just work my way down that list…if only we had a deli like that in birmingham….they had loads of cheeses, salami, cakes, salads etc…

sorry this is getting long~~the weather here is really nice!! really, really nice and i am off this weekend!!! so i just have a short shift this afternoon and then it’s out to the garden, in my shorts til sunday night!!!!

a weekend? the weekend?…forgot what you call it

i can hardly remember what a real weekend is all about…it’s like an inground swimming pool…i know what it is, in fact i’ve even been in  a few but it’s so far removed from my life that i still find them foreign.

having worked shifts and weekends for nearly 15 years…lots of nights and weekends for the extra money…and despite technically having a monday to friday day job, i have been working loads of extra shifts and doing work for my research job on the saturday and sunday.

after the stressful cat crisis of last week, and the possibility of a stressful week ahead…i have this weekend off!!

a saturday and a sunday with no work~~if i remember correctly that is the definition of a weekend???

i vaguely remember that one is supposed to make plans for the weekend. my plans? given the current state of my abode~~boxes, piles of papers, cat carrier still in the middle of the living room….not to mention the dust….i think a good old spring clean may be in order.

ah, but it’s only february you say?? ah, but this is england…and provided we get a bit of sunshine, the days are definitely getting longer and not to rub it in anyones face who may have gotten a substantial snowfall this past week….my snowdrops are nearly ready to bloom, my peonies are emerging from the ground and i have small buds on virtually all of my perennials….roses, lilacs, etc…

just a few other things:

cleo, the cat who cost me £5 to buy as a kitten has now exceeded the £500 mark for her recent and yet to be definitively diagnosed illness ~~toss up between a chest infection and asthma, pending a repeat xray {cha-ching}, with a heart problem running a close third, pending a kitty echocardiogram {cha-ching-cha-ching}

she does not like taking her tablets everyday but i have perfected my technique, i break them up in tiny pieces stick them in a tiny bit of butter (mr a’s suggestion) and when she is laying on the floor i sit on top her and hold her still with my legs and shove them in her mouth…least traumatic for everyone. i do have  liquid yet to get down her, one ml in a syringe, the first time she nearly scratched my arms off so i am waiting a while to atempt that…

my 3000+ word assignment is for all practical purposes done, just adding a title page and checking the punctuation etc. julie printed out a copy yesterday and i don’t know if i am just old fashioned or just old but i like paper….i like to be able to sit back and hold it in my hand and flick through pages and one thing i learned about the difference between electronic and printed documents is that when you are looking on the screen it’s hard to tell if something is a period or a comma…or just a speck of dust on your screen….

i hope to do a bit of tidying in the garden this “weekend” hope to have pics later….

what to do…

i’m off this weekend, in fact we are both off this weekend. it’s been so long since we had a weekend off~~together. given the current weather conditions a casual outdoor shopping day is out of the question. there are about 87 hours of cleaning, tidying, organizing, decluttering to do but i was hoping for something  bit more fun…

i also have loads of thinking, planning, organizing that can be done for work and school…

i thought about doing a bit of relaxing stained glass…one problem, the side room is very cold….but i may be inspired….

for now, it’s just us cozy cats…