the next person

the way this works is that you answer the prediction and add your own…

i’ll go first..

the next person has owned a red car

205 thoughts on “the next person

  1. i can picture my kindregarden teacher but can’t think of her name…
    miss bach gr 1
    mrs townley gr 2
    mrs ranier gr 3
    mr tilton gr 5 or 6?
    not bad considering that was a few hundred years ago!

    the next person has at least 2 email addresses

  2. Umm, yes, they were the most comfortable thing I could find for running around the office today!!

    The next person loved the sunny blue skies today…

  3. ooh yes.. we usually find it waiting for us after our morning playgroups..

    TNP has recently looked at old photographs and felt nostalgic

  4. That would be me. While cleaning out his loft, my uncle came across the photos he put away after his mother died. He has now presented me with a pristine wedding album from my parents’ wedding.

    The next person prefers hard-wood floors (or tiles) over carpeting…

  5. my strong preference is for wood in the living/dining room, tile in the kitchen/bathroom and carpet in the bedrooms…will i ever get that?? maybe….

    the next person i sitting right in the sunshine

  6. I saw some sunshine today… came right thru the window, it did.

    the next person is waiting til the very last minute to file taxes… new era of hope and stimulus check be damned!

  7. There’s another stimulus check coming???? I wait until after the last minute since I’m overseas and get an automatic extension until sometime in June…usually file them in May though.

    The next person is hooked on watching the news.

  8. i am a bit of a news hound…

    the next person usually wears more than 3 pieces of jewelry.

    (any combination of rings, necklaces, bracelets, belly button rings?)

  9. i wear three necklaces every day, each with a symbolic pendant on a black satin cord.

    the next person loves to get up early for solitude…

  10. i think at some point that would have been me but now i am alone so much that it doesn’t matter as much. i do enjoy days like today when my son goes to school and i can put on the radio (loud) and putter around undisturbed.

    the next person is planning a trip

  11. I’m planning a trip to Goodwill tomorrow, it’s “Senior” day, 10% discount day. For me that is like a trip to paradise.

    the next person remembers the tingle of love’s first kiss

  12. thought rose wouldn’t have jumped on this….i don’t remember anything special about my 21st birthday…i was in biloxi mississippi in the air force….i bet i was sweating myself into a puddle!

    the next person likes hearing the birds in the very early morning

  13. I love hearing the birds any time. Not so much the clucking of the magpies, but I love the little birds that come in the garden and the doves too.

    the next person is torn between doing jobs/chores and having fun

  14. is there really a choice?? have fun, of course!! unfortunatey i am too sick to do either…it’s me on the sofa with the remote and the guardian…

    the next person is going to celebrate st patrick’s day this weekend…

  15. well we went to the HIgh STreet to walk around and check out the stalls..and see the Irish dancers .. It is really about seeing things through her eyes (DD) .. LOL!! She even stares at the ‘comedy’ you can see out there..

    TNP watches some kind of American drama on a regular basis..

  16. Yes Neil, James and I will be getting a cat when he arrives.

    The next person is reading blogs/email (such as this one) when they are supposed to be doing work.

  17. tough one…as i’m not much of a TV fan…

    i used to watch victory garden on saturdays

    sesame street!

    and check, please!!

    the next person remembers how hard it is to be a kid

  18. since i never won any of my own, can i be the mom of 3 kids that won awards and trophies???

    rose got loads of academic awards
    matt got one very big academic test award and lots of sports trophies
    james got all sports trophies

    the next person thinks kids that get awards/trophies should remember their moms dedication, assistance and hours spent sitting on the sidelines in the rain, heat and mosquito infested ballparks cheering them on!!

  19. LOL!! sure! but I was more a speech team trophy winner.. so I guess driving me to school on a saturday early AM.. so I wouldn’t miss my ride.. ya.. They did what they could.. :-)) Parents rock…

    TNP is doing something for MOther’s day this weekend (UK)? ..has called their mom recently? (either)

  20. how about coat, hat, scarf, and sweater for winter clothing…it was cold and rainy today.
    Oh and yes thanks mom, for your dedication. I got a letter today saying I made the Dean’s List…

    The next person has plans for Spring/Easter Break

  21. Well, yes, if you call having Good Friday and Easter Monday off a ‘plan’!!

    The next person will have an opportunity to get out and enjoy the sunshine today before it clouds over!

  22. 1968, my whole world was aglow with growth, knowledge, and the feeling that “Peace” was the answer, and that the young ones will make the answer possible. TNP sees the glass as half full.

  23. it’s been tough growing up with her.. but as a grown-up now I KNOW better and know she did the best she could with what she had and knew.. (this mommy busness is tough!!) in the whole world?? in most ways on most days yes.. is that an answer??

    TNP looks forward to…. (what happening?)

  24. although its a year away, I am really looking forward to my graduation and wedding!!

    the next person loves trashy court shows on their day off/home sick…

  25. No, I don’t hate my job, I’m just stressed out by it once in a while!

    The Next Person is hooked on more American shows that I am (the only ones I get involved in are the Dog Whisperer and American Idol 2009).

  26. yes!! i watch the us sitcoms.. not so much hooked but if i watch tv i choose king of queens, everybody loves raymond, America’s next top model & the daily show…

    TNP just ate something that was sso bad for them but tasted oh sooo yummy!

  27. LOL!! You didn’t get one?? No I’d go for some goood Sicilian/ Italian pastries instead!! :-))

    TNP has had their hair ‘done’ by a pro recently..

  28. I like hand tools, my favorite are plumbing tools, i like working on plumbing, nothing like stopping a big drip…..

    NPL has a tender spot for “Pansy faces”, favorite colors?

  29. first the previous post is not me…it’s my mom. i’m still signed on her computer, hopefully my brother will fix that soon..

    pansy faces??we have some very nice pansies here in england..i like the orange and purple ones!

    the next person needs to buy a birthday card

  30. yes..finally NOT wearing a sweater outside.. duck out of the rain tomorrow though

    TNP has fallen asleep during a movie at the cinema..

  31. i’m sure i have…too many movies show the 3 best minutes in the adverts and the rest is boring crap….

    the next person is worried about their summer wardrobe~ lack of/not fitting?

  32. ooh GOD ya!! and I probab won’tly get anything new until I get to the USA.. .. no cash.. and stuff just doesn’t sit right on me anymore.. hhhm ..

    TNP wears an apron while cooking/ cleaning.

  33. other people have daughters they are proud of!!! if you don’t set a date and get married ~~you’ll never have a daughter you can be proud of!!!!

    the next person has been to colorado

  34. i am so ready for a change — just trying to find courage for the jump (and the consequences)…..

    TNP has more than two cats….

  35. thanks lynette for joining in!

    i may have two cats soon…but never more than that…that’s a sign of spinsterhood isn’t it??

    TNP had a relaxing weekend

  36. oh no, tracy, i have two cats (actually, allegedly one for my son and one for my daughter, but they really are mine :)) — i hope it is not a sign of anything! they are great fun to watch!

    i am hoping for a relaxing weekend — does that count?

  37. yes..kind of cleaned the bathroom last night at 3 am after my dye job.. but couldn’t do the dusting..maybe tonight..

    TNP has tickets to a concert or production in the near future..

  38. oh no, i had a car accident almost three weeks ago — i was driving and everyone was okay except for my car ๐Ÿ˜ฆ (although now i am driving around in a little red convertible — have to find the upside!

    okay, TNP ate breakfast for supper at least one night this week….

  39. nope, i haven’t read one word of a harry potter book! ** tracya ducking from a rather large book being chucked at her by rose**

    the next person needs to get more organized

  40. no!! am actually looking forward to it now!! LOL!! not the being lonely part..or wondering if my husband will ever see us again and live with us as a family… but the weather.. deffo!! It’s the opposite here..summer too hot..(but bright)

    TNP can/ will name their worst Tom Hanks Film

  41. Not complete darkness, but since its been overcast and rainy and early its pretty near dark, only yet to get darker….

    TNP has a Halloween costume picked out

  42. FlashForward–TV show..sci fi Lost ish but not really..

    Hobby? I’d like to get back into sign language properly.. not sure if that counts

    TNP reads regularly for enjoyment

  43. i don’t….i used to but i don’t know why i don’t…probably the same reason i don’t crochet, sew or even do my glass lately…sighhhhhh…..

    TNP has a secret birthmark/scar

  44. I have birthmarks but they are not secret and kinda hard to miss against such a vast white canvas.

    TNP is looking forward to the first snow …

  45. ooh yes!! actually any serious ‘dancer’.. It would be my dream job.. right up there with soap opera writer ๐Ÿ™‚

    TNP will list their top three Thanksgiving foods..

  46. I agree on the shopping Tracya.. HATE it!

    I do fel a chill in the air every morning when we first set out. It is in the high 60s usually but it feels quite crisp. I always take C’s sweater but I end up not really using it.. am I a bad mom? d’uh! just ask my folks…

    TNP knows someone who has donated an organ..

  47. well only because I see how much DD loves her dad and lights up when he comes home from work.. I am reminded how My sis and I would race down the driveway when my dad came home and try to be the first to carry in his lunch box. We always had the same routine of looking in his lunchbox and always found the same inventory.. a linen serviette and a knife with a colored handle (my mom had a set) which he used to eat his apple…

    It makes me sad when I think how different my childhood dad compared to the dad he was when I became an adult

    TPBM has NEW favorite reality show

  48. i quite like “don’t tell the bride” the couple (usually young and chavvy) gets ยฃ15,000 for the wedding but the groom has to plan it all in 3 weeks…


    finds a particular household chore therapuetic and relaxing (if yes, tell us which one and why)

  49. not really..I hate cleaning..but soetmes doing dishes or vacuuming..I can actually see the difference and your mind can wander..

    Do you know anyone in real life who shares your birhday or at least is within 3 days of it? who?

  50. i know of a few…my brothers first wife was the day after as is my mentor at work. and there were two of us, the same day on am expats…having 3 spring babies myself, i chalk it up to hot summer days….

    the next person likes octopus (eating it)

  51. put DD to bed at the usual time and had my cousin, DH and C’s Godmom over for an evening of board games, champagne, snacks, and conversation. We were In L.A. and it was mellow low key fun..

    TNP has added a new bookmark to their favorites..what is it?

  52. dread? working extra shifts=extra money=birthday presents … not all bad…supposed to be cold and raining….

    the next person needs to buy a staple houshold item…(milk, bread, soap etc.)

  53. My daughter’s feet! Peeeuuuu!
    But I must say, the night air coming in through the screen door is lightly scented with lilacs…nature’s air freshener! Gotta love it!

    TNP has considered a minimally invasive surgery and may want to do some further research. Or, maybe just a sliver removal in which case, don’t forget the peroxide!

  54. have had lots of work discussions over thepast few months where it was all friendly and seemed okay but as i walked away i thought to myself…”i think i’ve just been screwed!” not sure who i can trust and definitely trying to read between the lines…way too much work!

    TNP will share their favorite flavour of ice cream
    i scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!!!!

  55. can’t commit to just one.. i like choclatey but not hard core choclatey.. pineapple is nice.. only like frozen yogurt in vanilla..

    tnp needs to buy a birthday gift..

  56. last “famous” person i saw was prince charles at my hospital in brum or the queen in london and that was a few years ago…

    TNP is planning a 2012 garden project

  57. no.. and much to C;s dismay (i had no idea) she really wishes she could ‘grow” something.. what can she grow ..maybe in a carton or something.. ? we have no garden, yard etc.

    TNP still has a crush on a teenage heartthrob of long ago..

  58. no, but I did add a grade school BF on facebook and found him politically so different from me I had to unfriend him

    the next person had their Christmas tree up before thanksgiving

  59. nope, no new recipes this week. in fact tried to throw a few dishes together and they didn’t turn out very well. I think cooking is kind of a use or lose it skill?

    the next person using a Christmas present they received this year on a daily basis

  60. I think it depends on how it’s made.. so I guess it doesn’t count..hhmm.. I think I don’t like cucmebers very much but I will eat them if in a dish let’s say.. Now I am thinking about this one…

    TNP watches a soap opera regularly..

  61. mmm, I cam home this morning (after spending two extra nights away) to see the snow melting away revealing dark brown muddy grass in my back yard!! wasn’t expecting that

    TNP celebrates St Patricks Day with corned beef and cabbage

  62. no, I don’t have a whole lot of exposure to water-either pools or lakes/ocean etc…my dream house will have a pool though!

    the next person is wearing toenail polish right now! if so tell us the color-if not what color would you choose?

  63. i do, on occasion talk to a friend from high school but she has “issues” so it’s not very often

    TNP talks to a close family member almost every day-other than the ones you live with ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. can’t think of any-says the woman who barely watches tv at all-i assume you mean family guy or the simpson’s?

    the next person watches cooking shows….any cooking shows

      • YES!! with my kids in public..more times than I’d like to admit.. I hate the constant asking even though I already answered… they wear me down and I LOSE it.. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

        TNP thinks Kim kardashian is over rated

  65. our family car is parked in the underground garage which means if there is an earthquake we are most likely going to be on foot.. if we survive the collapse..

    TNP likes to play air hockey

    • I don’t own one..I sometimes get on my hands and knees and clorox spray the floors because mopping is such a nuisance and hard to accomplish in my tiny hovel

      TNP has made out with a complete stranger before..

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