Would you rather?

Based on a Game I played with my god daughter- here goes~~~

Would you rather climb 4 flights of stairs to get to your apartment or go down 2 flights to an apartment with no windows???

Reply with your choice and add a new “would you rather……?”

63 thoughts on “Would you rather?

  1. climb up!! I am clausterphobic.. also I LIKE fresh air..I remember in the UK they thought me crazy to open my windows everyday.. No I LOVE all the smoke that doesn’t circulate in your house!! another game is save or splurge–..pick a service or item and then answer if you splurge or save money on that.. interesting…

    look after 5 toddlers for a day or 5 old people?

  2. omg I love would you rather!! I love the show with graham norton too!
    ok so here it goes….I’d rather
    climb 4 flights of stairs to my apartment
    look after 5 old people
    and dumpster dive fo sho

    would you rather have no thumbs or no elbows?

  3. had to think about that for a long time…. I think i’d take the hot pink smart car as long as its not pink inside too.

    would you rather do nothing but eat 24/7 for a week or eat only the same item over and over for a week? for instance eat nothing but broccoli or ice cream or chicken nuggets for every meal.

  4. sounds like my life over the past two weeks…i’d take the do nothing but eat a variety diet.

    would you rather listen to hard core country and western or hard core heavy metal for a week?

  5. i was thinking that body odor was better-because after someone is gone sometimes its nice to “smell” them from their clothes but then there was a super stinky, putrid smelling homeless man on the train….
    but bad breath is always bad…
    body odor it is

    would you rather walk half a mile-
    in pissing down rain with no umbrella?
    in a snowstorm?
    in 95+ heat?

  6. i assume you mean tuna?
    something i have been craving alot lately….
    mmmmm, quite like it on crackers!

    would you rather see one of you kids have a career as a member of a fleetwood mac tribute band or a morgue attendant?

  7. bad breath I guess-unless I would be obligated to kiss them?
    would you rather spend the weekend babysitting your friends 3 year old triplet sons or their great dane?

    • ballet.. that wa s my dream..to be a ballerina but my mom in her usual way told me I was ‘too old” to pursue such nonsense and it wasn’t practical..the usual speech I got as a kid.. 😦

      would you rather spend three hours doing laundry or ironing?

  8. i actually did some therapeutic ironing yesterday but laundry is just watching the machines run-i do find it annoying to be “on-call” for a machine-I’ll picking ironing!

    would you rather drive in a car with a very obnoxious person for 4 hours or sit next to a very fat person on a 4 hour flight? (can I say that?)

    • I feel like i’ve already done both.. probably railroad..as a kid we used to just hear them at night whereas a busy highway is more unpredictable..

      would you rather be front row at your favorite musical or favorite concert?

  9. both would freak me out..I wouldn’t know what to do..I guess I would know how to feed the cats.. cats?? blah…

    would you rather have a vacation house in Park City, Utah or San Diego by the beach?

  10. I think if it were on my own private beach otherwise I have to say I’ve become quite smitten with Utah.

    would you rather have as a superpower-the ability to read minds or see into the future?

  11. either would be good if I could turn it on or off.. like if reading minds was a constant chatter as I passed by people and I couldn’t tune it out i would not care for it…also seeing the future can be scary because some things that are bad or tragic would paralyze me to live my present… hmm… so i guess reading minds would be less stressful although I would love a quick glance at seeing my kids in the future and also seeing how my parents end up…

    would you rather get on stage and sing solo or dance solo?

  12. neither, never!!! it would be “singing” but more spoken word with a slight variation in volume?

    would you rather have your grandma’s name or her nose?

  13. (my paternal Grandma) both are pretty bad… I think her name is less bad..barely..My maternal grandma I already have her name and I would have wanted her nose..I got the Piumetti features unfortunately..

    Would you rather wear really high heels or a strapless gown?

  14. ha ha !! asked evryone and in the end a tried and true friend and angel can always be counted on in my life… family?? it’s always ‘something”…

    would you rather cook with jaime Oliver or Gordon Ramsey?

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