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Migrant numbers ‘must be reduced’

Immigration officer

Immigration into the UK remains a controversial subject

The number of migrants allowed into the UK under the points system may have to be reduced because of the economic crisis, an immigration minister says.

Phil Woolas told the Times immigration became an “extremely thorny” subject if people were losing their jobs.

“It’s been too easy to get into this country in the past and it’s going to get harder,” he said.

The Home Office said the new points-based system provided “a powerful and flexible set of controls”.

The government recently introduced a points-based system to attract migrants from outside the EU judged to be most valuable to the economy.

this was all over the headlines or maybe it just jumps out at me(?) a few days ago…i never used to be very sympathetic to immigrants…paraphrasing an old saying of my dad’s

i never used be able to spell immigrant but now i are one~~

my only other comment is that just putting abitrary limits on immgrants is extremely short sighted. the NHS has been dependent on immigrant doctors and nurses for decades…there simply are not enough brits who are willing or able to do get the apppropriate training and do the job…they need to differentiate between skilled and unskilled workers.

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  1. I always struggled with this while I was in England. Yes, it’s a small island with too many people already but a lot of the anti-immigrant stuff is based on racism rather than practicalities. Oddly enough I taught Citizenship in a secondary school last year and the coursework was based on immigration and asylum seekers. All of my students were anti-immigration–using words like “they” and “we.” This was in a school where over half of our students had parents born outside of Britain! I did point out that their teacher was an immigrant but somehow I was different in their eyes and what I think most of them meant was that I was white and spoke English so that was okay.

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