where am i going?

that’s a good question…i can answer that in two ways.

the easy way-where am i going in terms of today, tomorrow…next week.

today i’m hoping to go get some potting soil so i can finally pot my avocados etc. friday i am going to blackpool, which will require me to leave the house at 5.30 AM!!! which makes today an official no work day….

yes, in fact the second leg of my UK tour is definitely on ~~with some of the highlights i can look forward to being blackpool (northwest) middlesborough (northeast) coventry (west midlands) portsmouth (southwest coast) and about 10 other equally spread out locations.

the harder part of the where am i going question is…in life. where am i going this year, next year and five years from now. i wish i could answer that as easily and with as much certainty.

i’m not known for making good decisions, in fact almost every major decision i’ve ever made has turned out to be pretty disasterous but at least i keep trying. i am going back to chicago next week, having conveniently missed the 2 foot blizzard they got yesterday, for a second interview. it looks pretty certain i will return to the states in the near future. i have mixed feelings about that.

i’ve lost the ability to be really excited about anything or have great hopes that this will be much more than yet another exercise in hard work and disappointment…and that’s nobody’s fault. i just don’t think life is kind to some of us.

i know i will be going to wisconsin several times over the next year, i know i will be going to my daughter’s wedding in october…i think that’s about all i know for certain.

5 thoughts on “where am i going?

    • i suppose i should clarify that i came to england originally for “a year” (as my son will never let me forget) for work. i didn’t get married like 99% of the other expats i know-i am still not married and i don’t know if that would make a difference but i have now been here almost 8 years and feel happy to return to chicago feeling like i have accomplished something…..whatever that is

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