Circling the drain

I have in general been feeling very good. None of my signature depression and pessimism despite being surrounded by (insert the E word). The news about a nurse infected while caring for a patient from Liberia in Spain has not helped the general mood of my department. Today we were asked to agree to be the monitors of clinical staff when they enter/exit the room of a potential E patient. That’s pretty darn close to the fire….

It’s interesting how the hospital administration is indoctrinating staff that there are no Ebola patients only “rule out Ebola” (potential) patients. It’s important enough to authorize overtime for some very well paid nurses to come in at 6am just to train other staff to take off their gowns properly.

I have to confess that I started filling out an application to be a UN volunteer in West Africa. I feel that in some ways I am the perfect candidate-I am single, an experienced critical care and infection control nurse, world traveller, culturally sensitive.

For me the main drawback besides the risk of death is the heat. As a middle age woman I am heat adverse. Following that thought, sweat is a source of infection so I would hate to be sweated on or sweat on somebody else…

Anyway, the drama continues.

I was responding to a thread I have on this blog “the next person” (check it know you want to…) it takes a little thinking and I try to forget that it’s just me and my friend (check it out…we need more participation) and on this occasion I started out with:

The next person questions the meaning of life on a regular (daily) basis

but after various iterations I posted

The next person has a pair of red shoes

And there you have the meaning of life~~it’s the color of your shoes

3 thoughts on “Circling the drain

  1. I have a pair of red shoes…but am too tired to go to that other blog this evening to read more.

    The latest news here in the UK about that nurse is that she most likely touched her face with her contaminated gloved hand while caring for an Ebola patient and has come into contact with around 50 people in Spain who are being watched carefully. The method of transmission makes sense to me…and your fears of sweat make even more sense to me. The care workers are heroes in my book.

    I am glad to hear that the new job and new life otherwise appear to be going well!

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